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Lit Wraps – Paradise Express


It’s a new day and with it comes a new way to roll. Old-fashioned papers are too complicated and blunts have all kinds of things you don’t want in your smoke. Put your best blend in the best possible wrap 100 percent organically grown hemp and no tobacco at all. Lit Premium Hemp Wraps burn slow and even so you can savor the flavor for longer. It won’t crack and it’s easy to share. Two layers of over-layered hemp make a durable, flexible wrap that goes with you everywhere. Are you ready for a better way to smoke? Just roll with it.

Sold in boxes of 25 pouches of 2 Lit Wraps.  That’s 50 wraps!


All aboard! Next stop… The Land of Awesome. Let’s face it, the Caribbean is too crowded and the flight to Fiji takes too long. Paradise can be wherever you make it. The tropical flavor infusion in these premium hemp wraps acts like an instant transport to a better world. Like paradise itself, there’s no nicotine here, no chemicals, non GMO. Just organically grown hemp, clean for an excellent smoking experience and double-layered for a relaxed burn. It’s easier to roll and holds your blend securely so complications don’t harsh your mellow. You don’t need flashing lights and pounding music to get lit. Paradise is right in front of you.

Ingredients: Hemp Pulp, Wood Pulp, Natural Extract of Maple, Pineapple, PG , Guar Gum, Alcohol and Saccharin, Water. THC Less than 0.3%. No Tobacco, No Nicotine, No Cannabis Sativa L.


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