Welcome to Lit Culture

Welcome to Lit Culture, where life is Lit! Lit Culture is more than a collection of products. We are a bold lifestyle brand, aimed at unifying and representing counter-culture. Immerse yourself in the Lit Lifestyle of culture and community bursting with the fun-loving people that make up our Lit family.

At Lit Culture, our mission is to provide customers with premium, high quality products and to create a pleasurable experience and support the Lit lifestyle of fun, freedom and fulfillment for our customers. With all of our products being derived from organically grown hemp, we fulfill that mission with our premium hemp wraps, known as Lit Wraps and our line of high quality CBD tinctures, salves and edibles.

Core values

Maintain the sustainable development of the following: environment (creating value through organic-based, quality products), economic development (creating value through company responsibility) and social responsibility (creating value through customer relationships).

The LIT culture difference

The difference in Lit Culture and our competitors is simple – the uncompromising quality and dedication to our products, our unmatched customer service and our commitment to the Lit culture and community

Our Promise to You

Lit Culture is the premiere hemp brand on the market today. We promise that our products will give you an enjoyable, memorable experience that brightens up your day and soothes your soul. Get lit with Lit Culture, where life is Lit!