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Mitragyna speciosa, commonly known as Kratom, is a tropical evergreen tree that is native to Southeast Asia and is in the same family as coffee (rubiaceae family). The leaves of the tree contain the alkaloid mitragynine along with numerous other alkaloids, and have been traditionally used for their ethnobotanical and medicinal properties. Kratom is a 100% natural plant that has been safely used for hundreds of years.

Our Company

Lit Culture is a premier lifestyle brand that unifies the passion of living life to the fullest, embracing the freedom of expression, and representing the authenticity of community, also known as the Lit Culture Life. Lit Culture offers premium Kratom capsules and extracts as well as clothing and apparel.

What sets us apart from our competitor is our unwavering commitment to excellence. From the products we create, to the way we handle business, our focus is to offer an experience that elevates the status quo. We all should reach to become greater in every step, and Lit Culture embodies that within our company’s core values.

Establish a culture where our environment matters. We do this by creating organic products of the highest quality, cultivated through eco-friendly and humane practices.

Take great pride in our responsibility to create a product of value and establishing a business model that builds and develops economically. We are building our company through products that benefit humanity.

We value that you benefit from our products. Just like you, we understand the weight that we can sometimes put upon our own shoulders. Our products are here to help you carry the load. We are in this together.

Our Product

Our premium kratom products are superior to any other brands you will find on the market today. Our quality control is top notch as we deliver clean, pure kratom products containing active alkaloid percentages that are second to none. Prior to being put into circulation in our production lines, all of our products are thoroughly lab tested for potency, purity and for the presence of contaminants including microbials, heavy metals, toxic chemicals and adulterants and we also conduct in-house efficacy testing to ensure product effectiveness.

Lit Culture kratom products are harvested from the oldest forests of Southeast Asia, providing the highest quality strains of kratom. Our products originate from trees that have not been treated with herbicides or pesticides, as these chemicals are known to cause harmful health effects.

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